Climbing Skills & Technique Workshops

Climbing Skills & Technique Workshops

After Stu ran such a valuable and amazing ‘Self Rescue Course’ last summer, we are happy to announce that we are inviting him back to Jersey this year to run some different day workshops focused instead around climbing skills and technique.

At our AGM, some members shared that they would like support around climbing technique itself so hopefully these workshops will give the people what they want!

The workshops plan to be run over the first weekend in September (3rd and 4th) but there is the potential to run workshops over 2 separate weekends if the demand is there. Below are some workshop options – please click the button below to register your interest and from there we will know which workshops to go for and can refine the exact dates.

Spaces on the workshops are limited so it will be first-come-first-served. We are not sure the exact price for the workshops yet but the club will again be subsidising a chunk of the cost like last time.

What's on offer

What's on offer

Workshop 1
Basic Climbing Skills and Technique

This is a workshop aimed at those newer to climbing. This course will build on basic skills, both around movement as well as rope work. This is a great workshop to feed your climbing passion and learn lots to help you progress on your climbing journey.

Workshop 2
'Widecraft' Crack Climbing

This is a crack climbing skills and technique workshop offering the opportunity to learn, improve or fine-tune your jamming technique. It aims to cover crack sizes from hand and fist jamming, arm bars, chicken wings and stacks through to squeeze chimneys. It offers tips, tactics and techniques for improving your chances of success. Expect to burn some calories, lose some skin, rip the arse out of your trousers and pee your pants with laughter and/or frustration!

Workshop 3
Improving Trad Performance

This workshop will benefit climbers of all standards with their trad leading. It will cover a wide variety of topics from body movement, tactics and techniques, slick rope work and much more. It’s goal is more efficient leading to help fine-tune and push your grade.

Register your interest

Register your interest

Skills & Technique Workshops

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Stu Bradbury

Stu Bradbury

Stu has been climbing worldwide for the past 30 years, leading trad routes up to E7 as well as many new routes up to E6. His personal passion is for on sight Trad adventure climbing with a particular interest in sea cliffs and their wild and natural environment.