Children & the JRCC

Children & the JRCC

Unfortunately, the JRCC cannot accept membership from children below 15 years of age.

Many climbing clubs around the world do not accept membership from people below 18 years of age. However, we feel that offering membership to children 15 years and up with supervision by a parent or guardian allows for children who are really keen to come along and start experiencing climbing before joining as an adult member.

Why don’t you allow under 15s to join the club?


Many areas we climb outdoors are hard to access, requiring either a dangerous walk-in or occasionally even an abseil, which is often simply not safe for children and young teens. Jersey has huge tides, and most of the climbing is within tide effected areas. Our governing body states that we are not allowed to take children into these areas.


We already have quite a high ratio of beginners to leaders. Our club leaders are all non-paid volunteers and already dedicate a lot of time to run the regular adult club events and sessions.


Adult members can be taught how to be self-sufficient and can eventually look after themselves and others, but we cannot place this same responsibility on children, and as a result they require a lot more commitment from the club.

What alternatives do I have?

Jersey Activity Companies www.jersey.com

Jersey has several adventure activity guides who will happily take your child climbing, in a safe and controlled environment.

Jersey Scout Climbing Club www.scouts.org.je

Climb once a week at Langford. Scout Climbers work towards their National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS) 1 & 2 qualifications, and the team have weekly challenges and badges to keep things fun! Children do need to join the Scouts to climb with the JSCC, and there’s a minimum age of 10 years old.

Climbing Walls

Valley Adventure Centre – www.valleyadventure.je

Jump Jersey / Les Ormes – www.lesormesjersey.co.uk

My child is 15+, how do I get them involved?

Your child is more than welcome to join us indoors and outdoors but a parent or guardian must be present until they are 18. You can apply for junior membership below. We look forward to seeing you both there!