Trad Climbing in Lundy

Trad Climbing in Lundy

Just off the coast of Devon, surrounded by the clear waters of the Atlantic, Lundy Island is a world apart. A haven for divers, climbers and birdwatchers, Lundy is an island of contrasts with spectacular coastal scenery and sheltered valleys, rich in wildflowers and wildlife.

It is only 1 by 3 miles and the ferries and all accommodation is run by the Landmark Trust. Things can get fully booked up to 1 year in advance (August and September were fully booked when Brian and I tried in April this year!) due to the nesting restrictions and long days and fine weather meaning August is pretty much the month to go!

This trip will involve abseiling down sea-cliffs and is all trad climbing. There are lots of multi-pitch too. If you’re into that and you’ve gained that experience climbing in Jersey then you will be all good for this trip! The island has routes and grades for all, making it a great club trip.

How much?
I haven’t sussed the finer details on this one, but essentially a return ferry to the UK with cars divided by however many people and ferry and accommodation in Lundy (cheap camping options or self catering properties). When we have a list of who is keen we can discuss how budget or luxury we want to go but I’d say setting aside £500 will sort you out.

1st November.

Click here for a bit of info about Lundy if you haven’t heard of it before.

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Lundy, United Kingdom

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